Changes in the Reservation Policy at BILBAO HOSTEL

The well-being of both our customers and our workforce is a priority for BILBAO HOSTEL. Accordingly, to ensure this, we always abide by the recommendations issued by the competent health authorities with regards to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)
To this end, we would like to apologise for any problems you might be experiencing as a result of the current situation and to notify you of the measures we have implemented in our reservation modification and cancellation policy. We have every intention of offering our clients as much flexibility as possible given the complicated nature of the situation. We are sure that we can overcome it together.

A. What happens if I have made a reservation at BILBAO HOSTEL but I cannot travel in the end because of COVID-19?

• At BILBAO HOSTEL we have made all changes to reservations for arrivals before 1 May 2020 completely flexible. Accordingly, you can change your reservation date so that you can still enjoy your stay within the 12 months after the reserved arrival date.

• Should you however wish to cancel your reservations in that time period, will be not apply any charges for this action. DOUBT. DO WE MAKE THIS PUBLIC OR DO WE ONLY IMPLEMENT IT AS AN IN-HOUSE PROBLEM SOLVING MODEL? HOW DO YOU SEE THIS? I AM IN FAVOUR OF MAKING THIS PUBLIC AS A WAY OF SHOWING OUR COURTESY TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

B. For reservations for arrivals after 30 April, we are waiting to see how things unfold and also what indications the competent health authorities provide. Having said this, please do not hesitate to contact us should you still want to postpone your stay. We would be happy to try to accommodate your requirements.

C. For any changes, arrangements or specific queries regarding your reservation, please contact us using one of the following options:

• Calling by Telephone number: 944 270 054
• Sending a mail:

We may take a little longer than usual to reply and we would like to apologise for this in advance. We will contact you as soon as possible.
D. If you booked with an online travel agency or other travel agent, we suggest you contact the booking agent for information on their reservation modification policy.
THANK YOU for confiding in BILBAO HOSTEL. We are certain that we can overcome and solve this situation by working together and supporting each other.