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Bilbao Hostel is the largest hostel in Bilbao and the best accommodation option groups and companies , individuals, families, visiting our city.

The quality and safety of our buildings and facilities and the ease with which they can be tailored to the different services that clients require all mean that you will be able to enjoy a stress-free stay in Bilbao, or to organise and participate in different events, workshops, conferences, sporting competitions and other occasions.

The hostel has a capacity of 170 beds distributed across different room types: single en suite rooms, twin rooms, four-bed en suite rooms and four-bed and six-bed rooms with shared bathrooms. All of the rooms have exterior windows with views.

Our hostel includes free private parking and two areas for motor homes, meaning that you can enjoy your time in Bilbao without having to worry about where to leave your vehicle. On top of this, two city bus lines will take you from the door of the hostel to the city centre of Bilbao.

Our hostel has been adapted for disabled people.

We are happy to meet your needs.
One floor of the hostel has been fully adapted (both bedrooms and bathrooms) to meet the needs of different mobility levels and there is a lift to facilitate ease of access.

Our hostel is committed to protecting the environment.

At Bilbao Hostel we work on a daily basis to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment.

We are reducing our carbon footprint by using biodegradable products and following more environmentally-friendly procedures.

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Your pets are very welcome.

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Guests and their dogs are welcome in a selection of our twin and four-bed rooms. For an additional fee of €6 per stay we provide several leafy and traffic-free areas where your dog can stretch his legs. Extras: water, treats or special gifts.

We are strong supporters of social transformation.

We support social transformation through our emphasis on secure employment. We work to help people experiencing transitional difficulties to dream of a better future.

“Every day, when we start our working day, we open the windows and we see and feel Bilbao at our feet. And this leads us to think about you and what we can offer you. Because we feel that it is only through staying true to this dream that we are able to be truly great, and truly worthy of calling ourselves Bilbao Hostel: the hostel for Bilbao.”.

Commitment to standing against gender-based violence

As part of our concern for, and commitment towards fighting, gender-based violence, we have recently implemented a Plan for the Prevention of Sexual Assault and Sexist Behaviour in our hostel.

Basic hostel regulations

  • Smoking and eating in the rooms is forbidden..
  • During your stay, please keep your room and belongings in order.
  • To ensure the rest and relaxation of others, please observe complete silence from 23:00 onwards.
  • The consumption, introduction and/or distribution of any type of mind-altering substance, including alcohol, is completely prohibited throughout the hostel facilities.
  • The management of the hostel will not accept responsibility for any losses or theft occasioned in the hostel under any circumstances whatsoever. Valuable objects or money stored in the rooms remain under the care of the guest, and management will not accept any responsibility for such items.
  • Any damage arising in the communal areas of the hostel and in the rooms will remain the responsibility of the person causing the same, and this person must report such an incident to management immediately so that the damaged item may be repaired or replaced.
  • Any damages caused by careless usage will be billed to the person causing the damage. We therefore ask that you are careful to use all of the communal objects and facilities in an appropriate manner.

About us

The Bilbao Hostel, a building that is the property of Bilbao City Council, is part of the ATERI network, the Network of Hostels and Residences of EDE Taldea.

EDE TALDEA is a group of non-profit entities. Headed by the EDE Foundation. In addition, the group is formed by Suspergintza Elkartea  and Suspertu S.L.

The ATERI network of Hostels and Residences is committed to the quality of its installations and services and to employment, in particular employment for people with difficult employability through the group’s integration company, SUSPERTU S.L.

The ATERI network has residences for students, sportspeople, tourist hostels, youth hostels and summer camp houses.


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