Let yourself get carried away by the spirit of Bilbao!



Paseo Gugenheim Bilbao


Bilbao is a city that has transformed itself during recent decades, full of life, attractions and activities at your disposal, not to mention the friendliness of its people and the high quality offered by its services. From the Bilbao Hostel you will feel that you dominate the New Greater Bilbao that unfolds before you and that wants to get to know you.

From the Guggenheim to the Old Quarter, from the Vizcaya Bridge to the Basilica of Begoña, including the enjoyment of the pleasures of Basque gastronomy that reach their full splendour in Bilbao… Let yourself get carried away by the spirit of Bilbao!


The coast of Biscay is one of the most beautiful of the Cantabrian coastline. Welcoming and wild at the same time, suitable to be enjoyed by the young and old alike. The beaches of Sopelana, Gorliz and Getxo, very close to the city, let you enjoy the pleasures of the sun and the sea with the feeling of having barely left Bilbao.

Surfing, water sports and adventure enthusiasts can enjoy countless thrilling possibilities in places that are emblematic pilgrimage sites for visitors from around the world. Mundaka, with its legendary left-hand wave that sparks the imagination of surfers from all over the world; the Urdaibai natural reserve; Lekeitio and its magical coast; Gernika, a city that is a symbol of world peace…

Playa Urdaibai
Guggenheim Bilbao

Urban leisure

Bilbao offers a variety of leisure options, for all ages and tastes. Art lovers can delight themselves at the Guggenheim and the Museum of fine Arts; music has a privileged space in Bilbao with events such as the BBK Live, in addition to concert halls with a rich and varied agenda such as the Kafé Antzokia, and many others; performance arts in the city offer the possibility of a variety of experiences of a range of types and textures in venues such as the Campos Elíseos Theatre and the Arriaga; culture in its broadest and most modern sense has its place in spaces such as the Azkuna-La Alhóndiga Centre… In addition, those who love to party cannot miss the Aste Nagusia, the big week of festivals that during the last week of August turns the city into a beehive of joy and merriment that, if experienced, you will never forget. http://www.guiadelocio.com/vizcaya

Bizkaia, Cantabria, Navarra…

Bizkaia te espera. Y Donostia-San Sebastián. E Iruña-Pamplona… Desde Bilbao podrás recorrer y planificar tus salidas a todos estos hermosos y apasionantes rincones de esta tierra… ¡Todo está a tiro de piedra!

Bizkaia, Cantabria, Navarra…